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For years in our country we have been forced to have to go to repair our smartphones, tablets and computers to dangerous places, removed and cataloged by the general public as fraudulent. However, many people still prefer to put their security and electronic devices at risk by going to these aforementioned sites instead of going to official establishments due to the high costs. Some others are forced to leave them in oblivion or simply to acquire another.




FIXIT offers its services thanks to a specialized team, with more than 10 years of experience, in the 3 levels with which technicians are classified in repair of smartphones, tablets and computer equipment. Our technicians are the result of a thorough selection process that is carried out with each contract. And the work done is in the view of our customers during the repair process.



Our clients obtain an innovative, safe and highly demanded service. All in the comfort and confidence that your usual shopping center already offers. Finding an added value to the rest of the services and products offered by the plaza. They will have a point of reference in technology and a sense of satisfaction for having recovered that device that they had already lost any hope of using again.


Our innovative concept generates an incomparable trust for our clients. Having a client-technician interaction allows you to obtain more information about the status of the device, which facilitates the best repair.

90% of the repairs are carried out in less than one hour, making us an express service.







Somos Fixit Expertos




We have more than a decade of experience in serving corporate clients in the repair of their cellular and computer equipment, in 2015 we created FIX IT; Innovative concept born in response to the need of people to have a trustworthy establishment to which they can go to repair their equipment. Until then, customers had to travel to retired, dangerous and sometimes fraudulent places to avoid the high costs charged by official establishments.

In response to this need and taking advantage of the location, security and convenience of shopping malls in the country, we created the innovative FIX IT concept, which consists of the installation of modern repair centers for cellular equipment and tablets, both in modules and in commercial establishments, with a modern and elegant minimalist design with 360 degree view that allows customers to observe the repair of their equipment.

We have FIX IT branchs in several cities of the Mexican Republic where we have experienced certified technicians in both hardware and software to be able to offer the highest standard of service and quality to our customers.


Somos Fixit
We repair equipment with various hardware problems, recomposing or replacing damaged components.
For this we have a team of specialized technicians with extensive experience and also with a stock of original spare parts which because of their quality guarantee an optimal result.
Somo Fixit

Each job is taken with the greatest responsibility and treated in detail, which ensures that we obtain the right solution for each particular problem.

Our technicians are in constant training, which allows them to operate with the latest technology and use specialized software.

Our services range from basic or aesthetic repairs of any kind to the replacement or repair of internal components, as well as software.

Adequate and cordial customer service, make your experience completely satisfactory.





Priority in attention and quality of service.